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Archbishop Ieronymos of Athens and All Greece giving out meals at a Church food bank

I am writing this letter to ask for your contribution and actual help towards Greece which is beset by the economic crisis, unemployment and poverty. For this reason, many young people leave their native country and migrate to foreign lands, in Europe, America, and Australia to establish a career and take care of their families. Greece is losing a great capital from its young and educated youth. The worse of it is that today in Greece many people is deprived of the essential goods such as daily food, basic medical care that is a staple particularly for the elderly, the sick, the impoverished, the unemployed and mostly for those who are carers of young children and elderly parents.
For these reasons we are extending a warm appeal to your feelings, and organise a collection for the sake of Greece. The money you shall offer will be sent to the Metropolises of Greece, particularly to those which are the neediest, and those which have instituted soup kitchens and offer food and the bare necessities to those that need them most. In his simple and sacred manner, we shall contribute our best in aiding our brethren who are pressurised by the economic crisis and unemployment.
We fatherly and warmly advise the Priests to read this letter from the Pulpit and appeal to their Congregation to contribute. The Committee Members of each Church must organise an extra collection on Sunday 19 and 26 July 2015, and send all the proceeds to the Archdiocese, who will in turn forwards them to Greece.
Cheques and money orders should be made out to the name of the Archdiocese:

Whoever from the Congregation would like to make a direct deposit, he or she should do so using the following information

SORT CODE: 40-63-77
IBAN: GB70 BCYP 40637734735111 or

SORT CODE: 406204
IBAN: GB44ETHN40620439117415

We expect that we will all do our duty generously and gladly to help our brethren who are in dire need of our actual love and care. It goes without saying that giving help towards our fellow people is an essential duty of ours. I am therefore confident that you will all contribute generously to relieve our brethren in Greece who, due to the economic crisis, are in dire need of our philanthropic heart and love. I have the sacred hope that each of Orthodox Christian, and particularly the Greeks of the Diaspora will execute their duty in full. God, through the intercessions of the Virgin Mary Mother of God and all of the Saints may repay you many fold. Wishing you a Happy Summer to both children and adults, I remain with warm wishes and love in the Lord and honour.

London, July 2015

Archbishop Gregorios
of Thyateira and Great Britain

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